Welcome to our THIRD round of online classes for 2013! We are so glad you have opted to join us. We cannot wait to share with you each week!

Every week, on Monday, your class will be available. You have the option of checking in and creating right from online or to print it off and keep for future reference! The classes will be available for ONE WEEK after the free week finishes so please be sure if you want a copy of these layouts that you do access the site to print them before the end of our time together! 

I love creating these online classes, and I love using them for my own personally scrapbooking when I'm looking to just "get stuff done" or when I've reached the end of my "creative thoughts" for a project. Its great to just take a set of the instructions, find the number of papers and away you go. 

Do not feel obligated to have to follow this class exactly as I've designed, you are certainly welcome to, but its designed to get you thinking and for you to take it and make it your own. Alter the photo sizes, alter the direction of them. You will notice I try to keep my layouts "open" allowing you to add many photos or a few photos of your choice.